Monday, May 07, 2012

Dream Theater-"Scarred"

"...I never bared my emotion, my passion always strong. I never lost my devotion but somewhere fate went wrong. [...] You tell me I'm wrong, I'm risking my life, still I have nothing in return. I show you my hands, you don't see the scars, maybe you'll leave me here to burn. What if the rest of the world was hopelessly drowning in vain? Where would our self pity run? [...] Give up on misery, turn your back on dissent. Leave their distrust behind, wash your hands of regret. Do you feel you don't know me anymore? And do you feel I'm afraid of your love? And how come you don't want me asking? And how come my heart's not invited? You say you want everyone happy, well, we're not laughing. And how come you don't understand me? And how come I don't understand you?..."

Del álbum "Awake"


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