Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dream Theater-"This is the life"

"...in the heart of your most solemn barren night, when your souls's turned inside out, have you questioned all the madness you invite? What your life is all about? [...] Have you ever wished that you were someone else? Traded places in your mind, it's only a waste of time. [...] Feed the illusion your dream about, cast out the monsters inside. Life begins with an empty slate, fragile left in the hands of fate, driven by love and crushed by hate until the day the gift is gone and shadows remain. Some of us choose to live gracefully, some can get caught in the maze and lose their way home. Memories will fade, time races on. What will they say after you're gone? This is the life we belong to..."

Del álbum "A dramatic turn of events"


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