Saturday, September 04, 2010

Gotthard-"Unconditional faith"

"...I have often dreamed about escaped reality, see me riding on the clouds of mystery with a suitcase full of hope and one of wasted time, hear me knocking on the gates of destiny [...] I have walked across the bridges of insanity, struggled for my balance on the globe, and the deeper I keep diggin' to know myself, the more I realize the truth within [...] Once you open that door there'll be no turning back, all your inner fears will be floating away. Like an innocent dream, unconditional faith. I've stept outside the darkness of eternity, I opened up my mind and I can see. And I'm looking for a star that guides me through the night. A road that leads me nowhere is not for me. Take me where believe is free to fly, 'cos I'm willing to try. Take me where my thoughts don't need to hide, unconditional faith..."

Del álbum "Need to believe"


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