Friday, October 09, 2009

Dream Theater-"Wither"

"...staring down, nothing comes to mind. Find the place, turn the water into wine. But I feel I'm getting nowhere and I'll never see the end [...] turn it on, let the feelings flow. Close your eyes, see the ones you used to know. Open up, don't struggle to relate. Lure it out, help the memory escape. Still this barrenness consumes me and I feel like giving up [...] I drown in hesitation, my words come crashing down and all my best creations burn into the ground. The thought of starting over leaves me paralyzed. Tear it out again, another one that got away. I wither and render myself helpless. I give in and everything is clear. I break down and let the story guide me. I wither and give myself away. Like reflections on the page, the world's what you create..."

Del álbum "Black clouds and silver linings"


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