Saturday, July 09, 2011

Gotthard-"Break away"

" many times have I lied just to settle my soul? How many times have I lied to escape this black hole? Night after night, always darkness, I long for the light as I dive in an ocean of hope with no island in sight. [...] There is a story inside me waiting to unfold. An urge within to come out of this terrible cold. As I stop this illusion, a world of confusion inside. Venus release me, 'cos I'm on the verge to collide. [...] And all those voices around me, keep telling me: "No, there's no better place you can be than the one that you already know". But it's not in my nature, nor part of my plan, 'cos I'm born a gambler, I'll roll the dice straight out of my hand. Time to break away, face another day, find the courage to pull down the wall that's built around me. Time to break away and let come what may, drop the chains of that dull indecision and go all the way. This time I'll break away..."

Del álbum "Need to believe".


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